30 Days Of Google Cloud: The Complete Gcp Beginners Bootcamp

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Explore Key GCP Services From The Very Beginning Through Hands-On Demos and Detailed Use Cases!


  • Zero Knowledge of Google Cloud Platform is expected
  • Need debit or credit card to create your Google Cloud Platform account


Start your journey with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) which is one of the fastest growing cloud platforms in 2023. Knowing Google Cloud Platform gives you lots of opportunity for your future career!  With this course you can have 30 sections, 188+ lectures 11+ hours of amazing content designed for beginners to learn GCP

This course aims to provide a thorough overview of GCP. From the core services like Compute, Storage, and Networking to the advanced services, this course introduces the key concepts and then indicates you how to start being effective. Each section includes a hands-on demo of one of the key services. You will also learn the use cases and scenarios for some of the most significant services of Google Cloud.

This course will give you a well structured and planned content where you can spend your each day on learning specific GCP Service without overburdening. Starting from course introduction, we will dive each day with learning Google Cloud Platform Service.

  • First 10 days of this course is designed for learning Compute options on Google Cloud including Overview of GCP, Getting started with Google Cloud, Google Compute Engine, Optimizing Costs and Performance, Instance groups, load balancing, google app engine, google Kubernetes engine, google cloud functions. 
  • From day 11 we will explore other Google Cloud Services like Cloud Run, Encryption with Cloud KMS, Block & File Storage, Object storage, Cloud IAM, Relational and No SQL Databases, Cloud VPC, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Google Cloud Operations.
  • Last 10 days of this course will be on learning services like Google Cloud Analytics, Cloud Marketplace, Integration Services, CI/CD, Machine Learning, Pricing Calculator and other important services, GCP tools and exploring Qwiklabs. We will finish up with understanding of Google Cloud Certifications and our next steps.

Join me in this course if you’re ready to dive into GCP. You won’t be disappointed!

I will see you in the next lecture!

Who this course is for:

  • If you are looking to start your Cloud Journey with Google Cloud Platform
  • IT professionals looking for a quick crash course on GCP

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