Chatgpt Prompt Engineering With 1200+ Prompts

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The Art of Prompt Engineering with Most Amazing Resource of 1200+ Prompts that you can Download & copy-paste


  • No experience needed. You will learn everything you need to know


What my student’s are saying?

This is the best course on ChatGPT that I have seen anywhere on the internet. Anyone who wants to make the best use of ChatGPT and stay ahead of the competition must complete this course. I am very grateful to the creator of this course. Thank you! – Wasi M

This is an amazing course teaching prompt engineering by using Chat GPT. Many useful prompts were taught by the instructor and ready to be downloaded as well. Thumbs up! – Chik Soon Leong

I was looking for a course about ChatGPT to learn more how to use it the correct it, and finally i found this great course that helped me learn everything i needed. Great job Nizamuddin! – Soufiane Sakouni

Mention on a LinkedIn post

“Long story short, that conversation with my colleague inspired me to study more about Prompt Engineering and thank you to Udemy and Nizamuddin Siddiqui for providing me a beginning step into the world of Prompt Engineering that I found it so much engrossing and every content is unputdownable!” – Thithanan Sarojpaponpat

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Nizamuddin Siddiqui. Dude, I literally just purchased your course. And I talked a friend into buying it, too. Seconds ago! Seriously! I just came into this Facebook group by chance. – Katherine Orho


Prompt Engineering is the skill that will be required to stay on the job in the future because automation using AI tools is increasing day by day and it is creating new job roles that are Prompt Engineers.

You know that automation replaces workers and this will be the future. But some intervention is always needed so Prompt Engineers will be the first persons who will be preferred over others and this is about the prompting skills not only the job skills or knowledge.

Of course, skills and knowledge are an important part but you would need to have prompting skills along with knowledge and job skills.

Being a content creator, I have spent long hours testing and creating new prompts that I believe are super useful for everyone. 

So, if you want to learn Prompt Engineering then this course is for you.

In this course, you will find all the important prompting techniques and the answers to common questions you might have in your mind about prompt engineering. Also, if you don’t find the answer then you can message me anytime.

Also, you will get these things in the course:

1. A list of 1200+ prompts that you can easily copy and paste

2. Access to questions and answers forum, where you can post your prompt engineering questions or anytime

3. You can also ask questions about ChatGPT not only about Prompt Engineering

4. You will get a project file that is very handy to recall all the prompting techniques discussed in the course

5. You will be notified first when any new content is added to the course

A brief overview of the Prompts List:

25 Prompts to prepare for the interview and preparation

64 Prompts to do Copywriting

55 Prompts to do Email Copywriting

41 Prompts to do Email Marketing

75 Prompts to Translate, improve vocabulary, and check English grammar

49 Prompts to write SEO-optimized content

45 Prompts to Manage Social Media

18 Prompts to ease your job as a Teacher/Professor

43 Prompts to make your educational life easy as a Student

25 Prompts to assist you in Programming

40 Prompts to do Marketing

21 Prompts to get LinkedIn Followers

29 Prompts to do better on YouTube

17 Prompts to create Courses

16 Prompts to help in Career Guidance

23 Prompts to work smoothly as an HR Consultant

16 Prompts to get Financial Advice

13 Prompts to write Resume and Cover Letters

40 Prompts to get Home Remedies for common ailments

30 Prompts to create Websites as a Web Developer

10 Prompts to become a Twitter Influencer

13 Prompts to become an Instagram Influencer

20 Prompts to become an Excel Expert

36 Prompts for Parenting

202 Prompts for Advertising

181 Prompts for Digital Product Creation

82 Prompts for SaaS Product Development

Thanks for checking out the course page!

Enroll Now and speed up your path toward a better professional and personal life with the use of ChatGPT.


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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who uses ChatGPT

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