Reiki 1: Learn Reiki Energy Healing &Amp; Relaxation Practices

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Reiki certification + learn hands-on techniques to give Reiki energy to yourself and others with step by step videos


  • No prior knowledge or experience is needed- everything you need is right here!


In this course, you’ll be attuned to Reiki energy so you can channel this healing and relaxing energy for yourself and others.  You’ll have first-hand experience with Reiki’s relaxing powers in our Reiki meditations, attunement, and healing sessions.  You’ll also learn about Reiki, what it is, and how it works.  You’ll learn a little bit about the history of Reiki and its many uses.

After your attunement, all you have to do to share Reiki is put your hands on someone (or something) with the intention of healing!  However, we’ll also learn techniques for giving Reiki, both the traditional Japanese intuitive methods and the standard hand positions.  We’ll share how to use these methods on yourself and on others.  You’ll also learn “dry bathing,” a method of clearing away energy that no longer serves, and beaming, which is a way to send Reiki across the room or even further to heal from a distance.  (Reiki doesn’t know time or space so it is effective even from afar!).

Many Reiki 1 practitioners also experience transformation of their consciousness, opening of their psychic awareness, insights on their lives, and a new sense of calm.

This course is a wonderful introduction to energy healing and channeling Reiki energy.  Let’s get started!

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to become Reiki practitioners! You’ll be attuned and learn to channel Reiki energy. You’ll also learn about what Reiki is and how to give Reiki to yourself and others.
  • This course is also for Reiki practitioners who are out of practice and would like a refresher!


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